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"Turning students dream into reality isn't just a passion- it's like breathing for me" - Mr. Mukul Sarang

Honored with the prestigious "INDIA DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION AWARD," Mr. Mukul Sarang is an esteemed International Coach whose work is dedicated to the advancement of global education and career development. Mukul's significant contributions in the fields of International Education and Outreach have garnered recognition and respect from both academic and professional circles.

As a passionate advocate for global education, Mukul Sarang has made it his mission to provide students with transformative opportunities for international learning and career growth. His expertise in International English Language Assessments and Overseas Education Destinations has made him a sought-after speaker and counselor in academic institutions across India and Nepal.

Mukul's approach to education is deeply rooted in his commitment to empowering individuals. Through his engaging workshops and professional counseling sessions, he demystifies the complexities of international education processes, offering invaluable insights into studying and working abroad. His guidance serves as a beacon for students and professionals seeking to navigate the global landscape of education and career development.

Beyond his in-depth knowledge, Mukul's workshops are designed to inspire and motivate. He has a unique ability to connect with his audience, providing them with the tools and confidence to pursue international opportunities. His engaging style and wealth of experience make his sessions a true eye-opener for those considering a career or educational journey abroad.

As an invited speaker at numerous universities, colleges, and schools, Mukul Sarang continues to impact countless lives by opening doors to international education and career opportunities. His work is not only a testament to his expertise but also a reflection of his dedication to fostering global connections and helping individuals achieve their dreams.

For those seeking guidance on international education and career paths, Mukul Sarang offers a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for helping others succeed on a global stage.

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